Cindy Crawford’s mom life advice

Meaningful Beauty Twenty-five years ago, when Cindy Crawford entered the fashion world, she wanted to get a plastic surgery to have her special mark above the left edge of the upper lip removed. However, American model’s plan was interrupted by her mom’s advice. Forty-eight year model now owes her success and fame to this wise decision. Her special mark is a big part of her beauty and makes her look unique.

Cindy says if she had the mark on the right side it would be a beauty spot. But hers is on the left side which is recognized as beauty spoiler. Children in the school were giving her hard time because of this so she wanted it gone. But my mom always said, you know how your mark looks like but you do not know how your face will look like without it. Today this mark is an important part of my face and I am proud of it. It is very unique facial feature for which people remember her. In addition she is a role model for people with facial marks. They should be proud of features that make them unique and not to be trying to look uniform like others.

meaningful beauty products Cindy has also her own anti-aging product line. It is called Meaningful Beauty and it contains unique set of antioxidant from French melon species. These products have received some amazing review for skin tone unification, cleansing and anti-aging properties.

The model admits that she herself is very often unhappy about some parts of her body. She says it is typical for ever person. However, it is very important to learn to appreciate your body and your look and find the best way how to take good care of yourself. Cindy looks amazing for her age and many women should try to take her advice into consideration.


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