Tips for bright shiny hair

shiny hairYou do not need many hours in the hands of a hairstylist to get a shiny hair or even new hair color ideas (you find them all over the internet today).Do you think that your hair is in a desperate state and lost the shine? If you want a bright shiny hair, you should know that beauty comes mainly from within. Therefore, before you book an appointment with an expensive hairdresser in some expensive salon, try to change first the way you take care of your hair and choose the right nutrition. It is essential for achieving a vibrant and healthy hair.

The greatest enemy for a beautiful hair is incorrect diet. The change of your habits can be sometimes really hard, it’s true! In the daily diet is essential to include plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grain products rich in fiber and vitamin B6. This vitamin is found also in rice, wheat, yeast, or bananas. This way you provide your hair a substance which is essential to its recovery and to glisten with shine again.

Your diet should be also rich for zinc, which promotes hair growth. The foods high in zinc include fish, mushrooms and pumpkin seeds. For women iron is often a missing substance, and is very important for prevention of hair loss. For elasticity, shine and overall health cares silicon which is found in cucumbers, lettuce and onions can be helpful.

Do not forget proper fluid intake! Hair needs proper hydration to obtain flexibility and smoothness. However, do not expect that the change of lifestyle will bring the desired results in the course of a few nights. Be patient, because improvement is usually seen after several months.

You can try to make some homemade recipes meant for damaged hair. One of the fast working recipe is the parsley rinse. The rinse of parsley extract gets hair in excellent condition. Mix 1 tablespoon of dried parsley, pour over boiling water, let it cool off for 15 minutes and then thoroughly massage the wet hair. Rinse off with lukewarm water after 15-20 minutes.

Believe it or not, alcoholic beverages have good effect on the hair! It is recommended even by dermatologists to rinse hair with beer. After shampooing your hair massage the hair with beer and leave on for a few minutes. Then rinse.
You can try the next favorite recipe of Austrian Empress Elisabeth. She washed once a week the hair with eggnog. She is known to be proud of her hair, so there has to be a hidden success behind this method for sure!

If you rinse your hair with lukewarm water and add to it a few drops of lemon, you will be surprised by its radiant effect.

You should know that hairdressers are not always a guarantee of beautiful and healthy hair. Whether it will be healthy, strong and shiny depends primarily on you, so do not let anything to spoil your chance to have vibrant hair. After all, most of the things you need, you can find in the pantry or refrigerator and be sure that these proven old wives recipes work, so there’s no reason not to try them. It will certainly be cheaper than chemical hair products, or regular visits to a hairdresser. Anyway, this doesn’t mean that all products from the store are bad..but most of them are just doing harm instead of helping. For example, I am a big fan or Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford products. They are quite pricy but they prove to be one of the best so least in my case.


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